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    July 16th, 2003

    Harley Sorenson, columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, wrote in a July 7 piece entitled The Madness Of King George:

    Halo Bush“Our God-fearing president, George W. Bush, who claims to start every morning on his knees praying, now says that he gets his orders from God Himself…Over the years I’ve met a handful of people who regularly talk with God, but they usually do so only when they’re off their medications.” (link)

    Madness of King GeorgeThat particular article was linked on another webpage with a most ambitious mission: to invoke the 25th Amendment to the Constitution because “George W. Bush is demonstrably insane“. You can read and, if you care to, sign their petition at MADGEORGE.US. *

    I have already signed, and to save you the trouble of searching (and with all due modesty), here are the comments that I appended:

    King George imagines himself appointed by the Supreme Court and anointed by the Supreme Being. He does not/cannot listen to the voices of those he pretends to represent, hearing instead only the voices of his own twisted imagination. In his mind, he is Good vs. Evil, Ultra-Right vs. Ever-Wrong. King George is more than just mad, he is dangerous beyond compare, a religious crusader with his hand on the nuclear trigger. He needs to be disempowered, disavowed, and taken away, and his cabinet of fools with him. Otherwise, G*d help us all…

    Mad George*(Why .US and not, for example, MADGEORGE.ORG? Well, it turns out that one has already been taken by a livid chimpanzee. Curious, George? Then follow the link …and no, I don’t understand it either).