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    April 30th, 2006

    In early 2001, I started Semi Truths as a forum for my own writing. I have always wanted to be a columnist, but this little thing called “a regular paycheck” kept beckoning. So, I started writing on the web…

    A year later, I saw these things called “Blogs”. Interesting. Instead of sweating over long essays whenever I could find the time (no more than two or three times a month), I could write short, pithy comments interspersed with longer essays. Cool. So Semi Truths became a blog.

    Back then, though, the most adaptable tools for creating Weblogs were the same kind of tools we used to create all websites: you create all your pages locally, then upload them to your web server. Worse, when you’re dealing with .XML and CSS, it was often impossible to even see the results until they’re actually uploaded onto the site.

    I stopped posting regularly onto Semi Truths late in 2003. The site foundered, I moved onto other things, and blogging evolved from a rarified form of expression among technical elites into something that everybody with a keyboard could do. In other words, it grew up.

    Now there are new tools, new ways to do this, and I find myself drawn back in. When I have room here, I will list some of my favorite bloggers and why, but for now I just need to roll my sleeves up and get some words out.

    It’s good to be back.