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    “Bush’s $15-a-Barrel Blunder”

    May 30th, 2006

    Rosa Brooks has rapidly become one of my favorite UVA writers and columnists. Her biography is formidable: lecturer at Yale, worked in the State Department during the Clinton years, served on the Board of Directors of Amnesty International USA, term member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a member of the Executive Council of the American Society of International Law. She’s smart. And right.

    She recently wrote an article for the L.A. Times, reprinted on Common Dreams, titled “Bush’s $15-a-Barrel Blunder“. Here’s an excerpt:

    If the U.S. is truly concerned about energy security, we should shift from a foreign policy that alternates incoherently between selective inattention and sudden spurts of bullying to a foreign policy based on engagement, transparency and the promotion of genuinely democratic political and economic development. If we can’t do that, we’d better get used to bicycling to work.

    You should read the whole article here.


    May 26th, 2006

    I love toast.

    When I left home to go off to university, I spent the first three months living in a dingy hotel room and I ate submarine sandwiches every night (long story…) Over Christmas break, I learned that I got accepted into a Student Co-Op, and I celebrated by going to an all night diner that had toasters at every table. I ordered a slice of every kind of bread that they had and made toast after toast, and when I got through the first round I ordered another round, and another…

    There is an art to toasting. You need to heat the bread to just the right temperature and sustain it just long enough so that the outer skin carmelizes. On one side, I spead a light layer of real butter, preferably Land O’ Lakes, but never margarine. If I want something more sweet, I choose honey over jam.


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    May 23rd, 2006

    The new Manhattan Apple Store that I wrote about a few days ago has an interesting time-lapse video on it’s official site showing the first 24 hours of the opening. I took a look to see if I could spot anybody I knew when I saw this guy:

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    May 23rd, 2006

    As always, Waldo and his band of loyal readers have an interesting discussion going on regarding the VA primaries. I sympathize with Waldo’s frustration, but I also agree with the point that a well-fought primary campaign only makes the candidate a better campaigner and better prepared for the real fight. If you think things are nasty now, wait until our guy goes up against George Allen…(shudder).

    You can see a pretty good “debate” video of Harris Miller and Jim Webb here.