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    A Socialist Mandate

    November 5th, 2008

    It has been an exhausting and exhilerating few days, and I will have much to write when I can make the time. Until then, I want to posit this simple question.

    The McCain campaign and its supporters have proclaimed that Barrack Obama is a Socialist. For the past several weeks, at every opportunity, they have trotted out this trope. Surely, anyone who voted for Obama must have heard this.

    Which leaves me with this interesting question for my conservative brethren: if Barack Obama is a Socialist, and we just votedĀ  him into office with impressively large numbers, then does he now have a mandate to make ours a Socialist government? I mean, you believe in democracy, right, and the rule of the people? So if we willingly put a Socialist into the office of the President, then that must mean we want a Socialist government. As as supporters of Democracy, you will, of course, recognize that The People have spoken, and you will support our right to be governed following the principles that we choose.

    Isn’t that what the war in Iraq is all about? Giving a people freedom from tyranny, so they can self-determine? Well, the American people have made their choice: by your own words, we have elected a Socialist to govern, and now you must support that.

    Yeah, I thought so.