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    geph184.jpgAll I can say is … it’s about time!

    Gephardt, Taking Aim at White House, Sharply Attacks Bush

    DES MOINES, Feb. 19 — Representative Richard A. Gephardt began his second campaign for president in 16 years today with a fierce attack on President Bush’s economic and domestic polices and a pledge to push for health care coverage for all Americans.

    He portrayed the White House as overridden with “special interest lobbyists,” and said that Mr. Bush’s policies had undermined the nation’s economic recovery, soiled the environment and neglected public schools. Attacking the centerpiece of Mr. Bush’s economic plan, Mr. Gephardt vowed to “scrap the vast majority of the Bush tax cuts for wealthier Americans and corporations.”

    “President Bush has taken us right back to the broken policies of the past, the economics of debt and regret, unaffordable tax cuts for the few, zero new jobs, surging unemployment,” Mr. Gephardt told 400 supporters this morning at the elementary school he attended.

    “I’ve got to hand it to him: Never has so much been done in so little time to help so few,” Mr. Gephardt said. “President Bush campaigned as a centrist, a coalition-builder and a compassionate conservative. But on issues after issue, the only thing he’s conserved is compassion itself.”

    (NYT story; requires registration. Oh go on, you know you want to…)

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