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    Peachy Impeachment Teach-in

    My favorite local activist group, the CCPJ, is hosting a local Impeachment Teach-in (.PDF) tomorrow, July 19, at the UU Church on Rugy Road. The event is sponsored by the Center for Constitutional Rights as part of their national teach-in series. This is a grass roots effort to get our leaders to pay attention to the very serious abridgements of constitutional democracy perpetrated by the current White House administration. Further information can be found here.

    One response to “Peachy Impeachment Teach-in”

    1. […] Last month, I attended an Impeachment Teach-in sponsored by my favorite local activist group, the CCPJ. To be honest, I was just there to lend technical support. I really thought that discussions of impeachment were a waste of time because there is no way Bush or Cheney or any of the rest of them could be impeached. […]