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    “Quit Your Job, Work is a Sham” by Ted Rall

    Longtime readers of this website may recall that I am a fan of Ted Rall. In 1995, Ted published an article in a now defunct magazine titled “Quit Your Job, Work is a Sham“. I remember seeing photocopies of it posted in my workplace, and it really spoke to me, primarily because my job sucked. Much has changed since then — Ted has become a very successful writer and cartoonist, jobs are being outsourced to the other side of the planet, and I love my current job — but it is still a worthwhile read.

    Thanks to “an obsessive blogger’s efforts at transcription“, that work is available online for the first time. First, wow, I can’t believe some guy typed that all in by hand, and second, give it a read, it’s worth your time.

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