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    Comic Presidential Timing

    Several outlets are buzzing with the news about Stephen Colbert’s Presidential bid. It’s all a big joke, of course, and many are drawing comparisons to Pat Paulsen‘s continuing runs for President (in a box somewhere, I’m sure I must still have some “Pat Paulsen for President” pins). Neither, however, were the first comedian to run for U.S. President. In addition to satirical campaigns by Eddie Cantor and Will Rogers, Gracie Allen (of the comic duo Burns and Allen) made quite a splash with her own wildly popular run in 1940, even forming her own “Surprise Party”. A well-written overview can be found here.

    3 responses to “Comic Presidential Timing”

    1. Sean Tubbs says:

      Thanks for the link, and the perspective. I love Colbert, I really do, but the way this was introduced didn’t strike me very funny. It’s too close to the selling of his new book.

    2. Sean Tubbs says:

      Actually, I just read his op-ed in the NYTimes. Now, that’s funny.

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