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    A Dirty Truth


    To my gun-defending friends: deep in your heart of hearts, you know that more guns is not the answer.

    You will say that if only more people were armed, then they could fight back or the madmen never would have targeted them in the first place. You know that’s not true.

    What saved those girls in the sorority was a locked door. The gunman wasn’t worried about any of them defending themselves. He was on a suicide mission.

    You say I would feel differently if gunmen broke into my home. No, I wouldn’t. If a madmen with a gun breaks into my home, the problem is not that I am unarmed, the problem is that guns are too readily available.

    Let me repeat that. Guns are too readily available. If the solution really were to arm more people, then more people would be arming themselves. That is certainly what the NRA/arms manufacturers alliance wants. Mass shootings are good business for them.

    You know it’s all a lie. You know that the solution is to reduce the number of guns in our society. You just love your guns to much to allow yourself to utter the truth. And until you do, until you support your friends and neighbors and call for common sense control, your own hands are covered in blood.

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