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    Thank you all again for being here this evening and for participating in this provocative discussion. Cindy Sheehan’s books and Terri Allard’s CDs are available in the lobby for sale. Thank you to the New Dominion Bookshop for sponsoring the book signing. And thank you to the Martin Luther King Performing Arts Center for hosting this forum.

    Here’s a couple of things you can do right now to become involved. When you get home, fire up your computers and go to DontAttackIran.Org. There you will find a petition urging the White House to actually follow U.S. and International Law and not attack foreign nations just because they’re, well, foreign. You need to sign the petition tonight, because tomorrow, many of the people who are here this evening will be in Washington D.C. in front of the White House from 1-3 PM to speak and deliver this petition to the President. D.C. is only two hours up the road, so you are all invited.

    After delivery of the petition, Ray McGovern, who spoke here in Charlottesville at a CCPJ event in March, and who questioned Donald Rumsfeld on TV recently, will lead a march to Rumsfeld’s house. You do not want to miss this! For more information, talk to David Swanson.

    Also, next weekend, May 20 and 21, and the following Monday, May 23, United for Peace and Justice and Progressive Democrats of America are holding workshops and training sessions in DC, followed by a day of lobbying Congress to end the war and impeach the war makers. You can sign up at UnitedForPeace.Org and PDAmerica.Org.

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